A Man’s Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger

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These days, it seems, everyone is chasing the fountain of youth. It is estimated that by 2025 the anti-aging industry will generate a revenue of 303.2 billion and is expected to continue to grow every year. The largest contributor of this increase in anti-again products is an increase in population, the baby boomers. Another driving force behind the major growth in the anti-aging market is the increased interest by men, who are looking for ways to age with grace, and to be sure they look & feel great. 

But you don’t have to go under the knife to slash away the years. Simple steps at home can keep the annoying effects of aging at bay and help you look as young as you feel. 

Start With Skin Care

Most people know that the best way to look and feel great is to prevent & maintain and your skin.

  • Use Sunscreen. Daily.  Using sunscreen not only prevents signs of aging but also helps prevent more serious conditions such as skin cancer. We recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on your face daily as part of your morning skin care routine. Even if you do not earn your living working outdoors and are not going to be exposed to direct sunlight, harmful UV rays can affect your skin even in indirect sunlight, prematurely aging your skin. 
  • Cleanse & Moisturize. Cleansing your skin each day help to maintain clear and even skin tone and helps to prevent breakouts and unsightly blemishes. When you wash your face with facial cleanser & warm water it also helps open your pores so the moisturizer you put on after can better absorb thus making it more effective.  Using a daily moisturizer helps to keep your skin moisturized and supple, while maintaining its balance. 
  • Water, Water & More Water. It is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water helps to hydrate your skin from the inside. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is essential to your overall health as well as it helps to prevent dry, parched skin which is more prone to wrinkling. 

Promote Wellness

Maintaining your overall health can make you look and feel younger. These lifestyle choices promote wellness:

  • Get your Beauty Rest. Most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep per night. When we sleep our body is in recovery mode, and our skin cells work to regenerate and repair muscles, organs and other tissues.  Additionally, ensuring a full night’s sleep also helps to prevent dark circles and puffiness in your under-eye area. 
  • Quit Tobacco. Cigarette smoke contains carbon dioxide which displaces oxygen in your skin and nicotine which reduces blood flow leaving skin dry and discolored. Smoking also depletes many nutrients including vitamin C which helps protect & repair skin damage. Even worse smoking has also been proven to lead to many other chronic diseases that can prematurely age you. 
  • Eat healthy.  Knowing which foods to avoid can help to prevent signs of aging, which include sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, Trans/Hydrogenated Fats, Processed meats, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. 
  • Exercise. exercising helps maintain you stay you in many different ways. People who exercise regularly tend to maintain more agility and flexibility and have overall better health. Working out your muscles on a regular basis helps maintain your weight, people who appear overweight tend to appear older 

Dress Your Age

Be sure to dress according to your age to make yourself look younger and more age appropriate. Baggy, oversized and second-hand clothes can make you look older.

  • Avoid clothing trends. Try not to go along with trends. Find a style that fits your body type and have your clothes tailored. Be sure to also avoid old trends. If you wore it back when you were younger, don’t repeat the outfit.
  • All that glitters is old. Avoid excessive or flashily jewelry. Too much gold or diamonds may scream wealth, but it just looks tacky and outdated.
  • “Raze” an eyebrow. Be sure to make sure your eyebrows are trimmed and tame. As we age, we tend grow long eyebrow hairs that are distracting and sloppy looking. Make sure you get your eyebrows down when you make your weekly barbershop appointment.  
  • Trim unwanted body hair. Also be sure to trim your nose and ear hairs. As we get older, we tend to get body hair in places we don’t want or didn’t have initially. Make sure you’re keeping a tidy appearance when it comes to long strands of hair in abnormal places.
  • Grow a beard. You can grow a beard if you are suffering from turkey neck. Keep it short and tamed, and you’ll have a much younger appearance.

Following this anti-aging advice can make you look younger and feel younger. Remember to stay fit and trim as well, this also will help prevent illnesses and chronic conditions that can age you prematurely.



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