7 Ways To Get Your Best Beard

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1. Most Importantly, Be Patient!

Growing your hair takes time. A truly epic beard could potentially take months to grow. Resist the urge to trim or style your beard and leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. Leaving it alone will help the hair grow evenly and enable you to choose the style of beard you love.

2. Know How and When to Trim

Once you grow your beard to the length you like, make sure you prune and trim as needed. Don’t over trim or you might have to start all over, and your hard work will all be for nothing! Invest in a quality trimmer and take your time.

3. Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Choose a beard style that compliments your face shape. Close, tight beards tend to help hide sagging skin on the neck and longer beards tend to make you look taller. You can also talk to your local barber and see if he has any suggestions for you.

4. Learn to Train Your Beard

Once you find the style and shape you want, learn to train your beard to do that you want and look how you like. Comb your beard daily to control stray hairs giving it a daily rub down can help make your hair grow downward.

5. Feed Your Beard

Your beard is made from protein and fat, but it’s also profoundly reliant on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and loads of leafy greens. You can so consider a supplement that will help the rate at which your beard grows and its durability.

6. Wash It Daily

Washing your beard, especially in the early stages of growth, is very important. You also can get food and bacteria trapped in your beard without knowing. Be sure to wash with a beard wash and pat dry. Overzealous drying can lead to split ends and frizz.

7. Get a Beard Oil

Beard oils can be tricky, but once you find the right one, you’ll never want to go without it. You might have to go through a few to find the right one, but once you do, your beard will be left feeling nourished, tamed and smelling great!